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What Clients Have to Say

PARC, a Xerox Company
"Ray Solnik and his valuable colleagues are worth their weight in gold! They moved quickly, established credibility fast, and did what they said they were going to do. I can highly recommend Buena Vista."

- Teresa Lunt, Vice President, Director of Computing Sciences Lab
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myGengo - a Tokyo based Web Application Company
"Ray Solnik and his team of U.S. based marketing and sales staff were  instrumental in helping myGengo double quarterly revenues for four consecutive quarters, and in creating a solid foundation for future sales.  By the end of the engagement myGengo had a strong framework for future growth, and a sales pipeline 10x larger than at the start."

- Robert Laing, CEO
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CrowdFlower (aka Dolores Labs, Inc.)

“Ray Solnik, principal of Buena Vista, came in when we were just getting started and was key to getting us to our first $100,000 in monthly revenue. He's helped with the entire process: identifying potential customers, pushing them to a signed contract and executing on the commitment. He has a lot of experience and can think strategically but he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. I would recommend him to any early stage, b2b startup like us.”

- Lukas Biewald, CEO 
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PowerCloud Systems (previously Enable Networks), a Xerox PARC spinout
"Ray Solnik and Buena Vista grasped our challenges immediately and made enormous contributions to our positioning and pricing strategy, product design, and channel development.  Ray's C-level experience is reflected in his valued counsel.  His extensive relationships in the Valley significantly improved our business opportunities." 

- Jeff Abramowitz, President and CEO
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OpSource - The SaaS / Cloud Computing Experts
“Ray Solnik from Buena Vista learned our business quickly and helped both identify keen insights for our future direction and helped me align my management team and board around this direction.  His knowledge of the SaaS space and his commitment to his work would serve many companies well.”

- Treb Ryan, CEO
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Company Overview

Buena Vista provides consulting and management services to help enterprise and entrepreneurial companies accelerate the start and growth of new and existing businesses. 

We leverage technology, functional, and executive management experts from various industries to best serve our clients' unique interests and objectives.

Industries of expertise include:

  • Cloud computing, crowdsourcing, and Software as a Service (SaaS) 
  • Financial services
  • Internet services
  • Managed services including enterprise data networks and hosting 
  • Telecommunications
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