"Buena Vista and the firm’s principal, Ray Solnik, provided enormous insight quickly and helped us determine the right path forward for our business – plus they actually closed sales along the way!  It was a pleasure working with this strategic group that also knows how to get things done. I would highly recommend Buena Vista for any firm sorting out growth or business channel strategies, particularly in the SaaS and cloud services realm.”

Rob Glickman
Director of Marketing
Zoomerang, a MarketTools business

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Case Studies and Sample Engagements
High Tech Enterprise Sales and Business Development:  PARC, a Xerox company, in the "business of breakthroughs" was ready to move a large research program, CCN (Content-Centric Networking) into a commercial development phase. The company had won a multi-million dollar enterprise contract to develop a commercial application with this new networking platform. 

The challenge was to enable a team of expert researchers to also deliver complex software development services for a large, global, electronics enterprise client. The team’s project management approach had to transform, and fast, as the contract had very aggressive deadlines and deliverables.

Click here to read how Buena Vista helped PARC deliver spectacular results, generate compelling cash flow, and position this client and program for further commercial success.

Customer Development In Action:  This web based company that provides language translation services over the Internet had developed a platform and some initial customer successes.  The question was where to go from there?  How could they best invest sales and marketing dollars? How would they sell to prospective customers?

Buena Vista worked with management to refine the customer value proposition, to generate hypotheses of initial target markets, and to develop a target market screening tool.  We placed a VP of Business Development located at headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and established myGengo's U.S. presence in Silicon Valley with a U.S. GM of Sales and Operations, a marketing lead generation manager, and an account manager.  Over the next four quarters, we doubled revenues each quarter and developed sales funnel and sales processes establishing a foundation for the company's future growth.  Click here to view the case study.

VC backed crowdsourcing company seeks market growth:  CrowdFlower, a venture capital backed crowdsourcing company was preparing to scale the business in advance of raising a $5M round of growth funding from Bessemer Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures.  The board and CEO wanted to identify markets to penetrate and Buena Vista led the charge.  Read more by downloading the full case study here.

Business Unit and Enteprise Sales / Channel Strategy:  MarketTools was evaluating the strategy and direction of their Zoomerang online survey business.  Request the following case study to read how Buena Vista helped refine the business' strategy through enterprise sales and channel development.  Click here to request the case study.

Target customer assessment and segmentation plan: We helped a SaaS (software as a service) company evaluate their target market. The specific question from the board and senior management was whether to aggressively pursue the Web 2.0 market that was much hyped at the time or to focus elsewhere. The result was a recommendation to not focus on consumer Web 2.0 and we recommended a more attractive market - enterprise applications. The result was 100% growth of this company’s new SaaS business from $6M to $12M over the next year.

For this project, we were hired by the CEO and board.  We developed the recommendation through a thorough evaluation of the SaaS market including interviews of customers (buyers, non-buyers, churned, untapped prospects), industry analysts, board members, and management. We also scanned third party industry research. The project concluded with a complete written report and presentations to management and the board.

New business entry evaluation and recommendation:  A top operating unit of a public insurance brokerage based in New York city was losing business to professional employment organizations (PEOs) who offered payroll and basic human resources services. The head of the division wanted to know whether to enter the PEO business and how to do so – by partnering, acquisition, or building a PEO from scratch.  Our assessment identified that the exposure to competitive losses was related to insurance industry structure and local regulation that was likely to limit this competitive dynamic to one geographic market. The recommendation was to execute a few sales through a commercial third party PEO relationship first and then evaluate further action depending on the level of competitive losses over the next year. The company has successfully followed the recommendation.

This project included interviews of customers, other brokers in the business, and a parent company business development executive; “ghost shopping” PEOs; evaluating third party research and reviewing investment bank publications on top PEO players and industry economics; and attending an industry conference with the client.